Of the People, By the People, For the People. Elect Dr. Fred Conquest,
Governor of Nevada In 2018

Nevada The People's Choice For A Better Nevada.

It's Time To Build A Better Future For ALL The Citizens Of Nevada,
Join With Me. Together We Can Secure Our Future, Make Nevada A
Better Place To Live And Accomplish Great Things For Everyone.

As Governor, I Will:

Support and defend the Constitutions of the United States of America & Nevada.

Reduce taxes, fees, and burdensome, time wasting regulations. Create the business friendly environment necessary to bring major investment, good jobs and dramatically improve Healthcare, Education, and Infrastructure throughout Nevada.

I support open elections and restricting the power of the entrenched
two party political agenda to benefit their special interests
at the expense of the people of Nevada as a whole.
I support the repeal of the Commerce Tax, the Wage Tax and the
Government Services Tax and replacing them with a fair and
equitable tax structure which treats everyone equally under the law.
I support the creation of an AFFORDABLE Single Payer Healthcare
System for Nevada Which improves both the availability, access
and quality of healthcare for everyone in the state.
I support the restructuring and the creation of a world class education
system in Nevada to provide our children and grandchildren the necessary
skill sets to successfully make their way in an ever changing world.
I support the creation of a world class business friendly environment to facilitate bringing major investment, industry and high paying jobs to Nevada. I will work to reduce time wasting regulations and excessive startup requirements.
I support equal pay for equal work. I will fight discrimination
based on age, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, race.
I will work to insure every person is treated equally under the law.
I support measures for the protection of victims from both the perpetrators
of crime and the corruption in the criminal justice system. As Governor,
I will work improve the 'system' to better serve the citizens of Nevada.
I support an $11/hour minimum wage for EVERYONE employed by any business
in Nevada and a major block grant to all the counties to help them improve
their infrastructure, healthcare and educational facilities.
I support GMO labelling, the listing of prices for all medical procedures by healthcare entities, prohibiting of 'resort fees' and 'parking fees' by
licensed gaming entities and an open border for sports betting.
I support a complete restructuring of the business and corporate licensing
regime to make it more business friendly, equitable and responsive to
business concerns and to providing a better business environment in Nevada.
I support the repeal of the anti-water harvesting law, the streamlining of
all the cannabis rules and regulations and the creation of a Hemp industry
to manufacture hemp products for both domestic use and to export.
I support the creation of Solar and Wind energy facilities in Nevada, the creation of a Sovereign Nevada Intra-State Bank to help facilitate overall development, investment and an major investment banking industry in Nevada.

And insure free, honest and open elections regardless of any political affiliation.

Insure that our government is a government of the people, by the people, for the people and that the actions of all state employees are fully accountable based on achieved results.

Endorsed By: Seniors & Members of the AARP ... Non Partisan Voters Statewide ... Students & Faculty Members From
All The Colleges & Universities In Nevada ... Millennials ... Voters Who Supported of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump ...
Members of the League of Women Voters ... Members of various Unions throughout Nevada ... Business owners throughout
Nevada ... Members of the Chamber of Commerce from every county in Nevada ... and thousands of voters statewide.

Hated By: Harry Reid, the Nevada Democratic Party and all it's corrupt officers.

Help Secure A Better Nevada For Everyone.

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